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What should be considered in the design of injection moulds

2019-03-08 1215

1. Considering the process characteristics of plastic raw materials, the moulding performance and the type selection of injection moulding machine may have an impact on the moulding quality, so corresponding measures should be taken in the design process of injection moulds.

2. It is also very important to design the guiding structure reasonably in order to consider the guiding requirements of plastic parts for injection moulds. The working dimensions of the moulded parts should also be calculated, because the injection moulds require the overall strength and stiffness.

3. Considering the requirements of test and repair, the design and manufacture of mould are closely related to the processing of mould. The success or failure of raw material processing generally depends on the quality of mould manufacturing. The three steps of establishing plastic mould products correctly basically include the essentials of injection mould design, because these are related to the quality of injection mould processing.